Week 3 October 2013: Rain = 7.5 millimetres

Last week about 150 members of the Australian Plant Society (APS) visited Yallaroo. This week members of the Tamworth APS group visited. Eight members made the trip to our garden. We had a very relaxing and informative day. Once again we were pleased to see members going home with bags of cuttings.

We have a Melaleuca steedmanii full flower. This is one of many Western Australian melaleucas with beautiful flowers.

This week we managed to plant12 tube stock in the garden north of the house. Rabbits have eaten some of our newer plantings. We have found that blood and bone scattered amongst the plants deters this pest.

We have a banana passionfruit growing against the shed. This vigorous vine produces oval, yellow fruits similar to the shape of bananas but lacking the bend. This week we noticed that the vine is carrying buds.

Potting on continued this week with struck cuttings of Grevillea acropogon, G. Apricot Charm and G. Old Gold finding homes in tubes.

New on Site: Callistemon serpentinus.


Garden Diary