Week 3 October 2011: Rain = 36.5 millimetres   More welcome moisture. Our tank is still full and the soil moisture level high.

This week we potted on some struck Grevillea willisii cuttings. This is an interesting species from Victoria. We bought the original specimen from a Canberra nursery many years ago. This is the only time we have seen this Grevillea for sale. Grevillea miqueliana and Correa Autumn Blaze cuttings were also potted on.

The spring floral festival continues at Yallaroo. This week Leptospermum brevipes, Acacia retinodes and Hakea lasiantha all burst into bloom. A Leptospermum brevipes, Grey Tea Tree, has grown into a tall shrub in a garden near the house. Birds often perch in the Tea Tree before diving into the undergrowth. One day this week we observed a Grey Thrush, Yellow-faced Honeyeaters, Eastern Spinebills and a Wattlebird perched, at various times, in the Leptospermum.

A week could not go by without some holes being dug and plants planted. This week nine plants found their way into a new garden.

We used the chainsaw to macro prune an Acacia floribunda near the house. We cut this large shrub back to about a metre high. This is the second time we have attacked this Wattle in the last couple of years. The plant always returns bigger and better than ever.

The path on the southern side of the house is in the shade for long periods throughout the year. With all the rain the path stays moist. This week we found a number of seedling Westringias growing in the path. They were removed and placed in tubes. We may find some hybrids amongst the seedlings. It will be interesting to see how long the seedlings take to flower.

One day this week we took our recyclables to the Armidale landfill site, east of the town. On the way back we visited a nursery on the road to the site. We were pleasantly surprised to find a large number of native plants in small tubes at less than $3 each. We purchased some Eriostemons and Croweas. We find both these genera difficult to propagate. Obviously someone knows how to produce them.


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