Week 3 October 2010: Rain = 30 millimetres

This week the three young thrushes that were raised in a nest on our back patio took flight. They don’t hang about. The parents usually take them away from the site of the nest. Over the years at least 15 thrushes have been raised in nests in our garden.

This week we bought and planted a “Hicks Fancy” Mulberry. This is another hopefully low care variety for our orchard. We are finding that peaches and nectarines are too much trouble with spraying for curly leaf and battling fruit fly. In season we are able to buy peaches and nectarines at a reasonable price from our greengrocer. We are now going to concentrate on fruits that are not normally available such as mulberries, figs and pineapple feijoas. On a similar note we have managed to strike three cuttings from one of our figs.

This week we potted on some Hakea decurrens seedlings. We have several specimens of this species in the garden. They are covered in white flowers for several weeks in early spring. We also potted on struck cuttings of Grevillea teretifolia and Leptospermum Aphrodite.

We found 11 Donkey Orchids (Diuris species) in full flower in one of our grassland areas. Their flowering was probably triggered by our bountiful rainfall.

In the same area we found a plant of Daviesia latifolia in full flower. The yellow and brown pea flowers are carried in long sprays.

Our broad bean plants are maturing and this week we picked a couple of handfuls of the bright green spongy fruit. Lots more fruit are maturing.

More digging holes, planting and mulching this week. Homes were found for 24 plants. We watered our newer plantings with grey water.

Plenty flowering in the garden this week. A pink-flowered form of Calytrix tetragona is covered in blooms. Melaleuca densa and Melaleuca quadrifaria are also blooming bounteously.

A sad event this week. The final episode of The Bill was broadcast on ABC TV. The British police drama ran to about 2,400 episodes over a period of at least 25 years. We will miss the programme.


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