Week 3 October 2007: No rain

More planting was undertaken this week. With the arrival of the warmer weather many plants in tubes are reaching the stage when they will be ready to plant.

We have had some heartening results from our propagating bench. Some Crowea exalata cuttings have produced good roots. Also some Correa pulchella cuttings have struck.

Swallows nested again on our front verandah and this week three babies poked their heads out of the mud nest. Our front verandah has been a nursery for many baby swallows over the years.

One day, this week, we visited our neighbours across the road. We have a new, NextG mobile phone and we have reception at Yallaroo. We took the phone to our neighbours to check their reception. It is not very good inside but will work just outside the house.

Our first Dollar Bird was sighted this week. These medium-sized birds migrate from northern parts every spring. They have a large white circle on the underside of their wings, hence their common name.

We have a semi-prostrate form of Kunzea ambigua near our back patio that is in full flower. This week the plant was covered in Meadow Argus Butterflies. There are also large numbers of Caper White Butterflies in the garden.

We have mentioned before that Grey Thrushes nested in our plastic house. This week the two fledglings left the nest. It has been 36 days from lay to leave and 16 days since hatching to leaving.


Garden Diary