Week 3 October 2006: Rain = 16mm
The rain was very welcome. It hasnít broken the drought but has put water in our tank and freshened up the garden.
One morning this week we spoke to a large group of retired people in Armidale. As per usual we extolled the virtues of growing Australian plants. After the talk we fielded a number of questions.
This week we potted on more seedlings and struck cuttings. We now have a few hundred plants in tubes. In the coming months they will find a home in our gardens.
We have started to water our new seedlings and struck cuttings with a weak solution of seaweed extract. This seems to help them overcome their transplanting shock.
We mentioned last week that we had cleaned up an area near our shed. This week we started to plant in this new area and 14 plants went into the ground. Some of these were vegetables including cucumbers and pumpkins. Next year after they have finished, native plants will replace these edible exotics.
Our New Pond has become a haven for frogs. This week we found three species relaxing in the water. They are: Burrowing Frog, Eastern Common Froglet and Spotted Grass Frog.
Lots of Callistemons are beginning to bloom. We were pleased to find a Callistemon Mount Oberon with a number of flower spikes. We remember this variety from Wilsonís Promontory National Park where it was flowering on top of a mountain in rocky crevice.
Prostanthera nivea is flowering for the first time as is Melaleuca pentagona. This latter species is another beauty from Western Australia.
New on the site this week: Callistemon Mount Oberon, Melaleuca pentagona and Prostanthera nivea var. nivea.  

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