Week 3 October 2003: Rain this week: 29mm.
We were paid a visit from a Prostanthera (Native Mint Bush) enthusiast from the North Coast. We had an interesting exchange of information about this interesting plant genus.
Speaking of Prostantheras. This week we found an Eastern Spinebill nest in one of our specimens. This plant is only 20 metres from the house.
Finished one bed in our Lawn Garden. The bed is weeded, planted and mulched. Some weeds will reappear but they will be removed as soon as they emerge. After a few months our plants will shade the ground and this will virtually inhibit weed germination. This is one advantage gained from dense planting.
Kangaroos have been a problem because they have acquired a taste for our vegetables. We gave up on growing veggies (we would rather have kangaroos and no veggies than the other way around). This week we started growing vegetables in 200mm (10 inch) pots and placing them on raised benches. The plants are grown in a mix of compost and river sand. Cucumbers, beans, corn and tomatoes are being tried. So far the plants are growing and the macropods are dining elsewhere.

Garden Diary