Week 3 October 2002: Still at Gosford. Saw a Pardalote in our daughter’s front garden. It is unusual to see small birds in this area. Our son-in-law has constructed a frog pond. This week we helped him to plant natives around the pond. Hopefully this environment will become a haven for small native birds. Their front garden is home to a number of large Copper-tailed Skink lizards.
There are many Callistemons (Bottlebrushes) flowering around Gosford. We also saw an attractive Melaleuca hypericifolia complete with large orange-red brushes.
This Saturday we did our second talk back ABC radio programme from Gosford. We normally do the programme by phone from home so there were no problems.
Bought two Brachycome multifida from a local market. One is a white flowering form and the other pink. This hardy daisy does well in the gardens at Yallaroo.

Garden Diary