Week 3 November 2014: For the first few days of the week we stayed at our daughter and family’s place in western Sydney. We were rather tired for day or two. Probably suffering from “shiplag” similar to jetlag but not so long lasting.

At our daughter's place there are two Blueberry Ashe (Elaeocarpus reticulatus) in full flower. They are about 6 m high and covered in bell-shaped, fringed cream flowers. Early in the week we managed to repair a leaking swimming pool filter. Later, in the same day, we travelled to Westmead Public School and assisted a year 6 class to plant a lage number of native plants on a sloping bank. This was part of an ongoing programme to improve the school grounds. We had an enjoyable and productive time even if the temperature was around 40 degrees C. In the afternoon we cooled off in our daughter's swimming pool. Fortunately we had managed to repair the filter .

The next day we had a family get together. Our grandchildren enjoyed the pool and one of a number of birthdays was celebrated.

The next day we drove to northwest Sydney to stay with our son and his family. They also had a pool problem which necessitated digging a hole near the pool to find a leaking pipe. Unfortunately our son cut a finger which needed 4 stitches. This needed a trip to the local hospital. We went with him and spent three hours in the emergency department.

During our stay the pool was emptied to rectify another problem. One afternoon we played cricket and football in the emptied pool with our son and grandchildren. Not everyone is able to play ball sports in an empty swimming pool.

Later in the week we travelled to Wiseman’s Ferry on the banks of the Hawkesbury River to celebrate another birthday. We travelled across and back on the ferry, saw plenty of blue Wrens hopping around and heard reed warblers calling from rushes bordering the river and saw Hibiscus heterophyllus flowering in the bushland.

Towards the end of the week we travelled north to Gosford and spent a few days with our other daughter and her family. Another birthday was celebrated. November is a busy period for birthdays in our family. One morning we visited the local Masters hardware store and purchased a green flowering kangaroo paw and a silver-foliaged Eremophila. We also received a Scaevola striata and a prostrate form of Acacia lasiocarpa as birthday presents.

We also helped our son-in-law and grandson plant out a vegetable garden.

On the last day of the week we set off on the journey home. On the way we stopped at a roadside population of Grevillea oldei and collected cuttings.

Most things were all right at home. A few plants were a trifle relaxed. The garden had been helped by the 16 millimetres of rain recorded when we were away.

Many cuttings had struck in our propagating unit and numerous plants in tubes had put on lots of new growth.


Garden Diary