Week 3 November 2013: Rain = 43.5 millimetres.
We are still away from home for three days this week. This time was spent with our eldest daughter and her family at Gosford, north of Sydney. We celebrated three birthdays during our visit. We also went to an opera. Help, Help the Globolinks was presented by an amateur music group in Gosford. Our son-in-law had a leading role in the opera. This was a very professional production.
We made our way home mid-week. Nearly everything was OK at home. There was a problem with our watering system and we lost a few tube stock. On a more positive note during our absence there was over 40 millimetres of rain. This was a very welcome total.
We potted on a number of rooted cuttings including Grevillea willisii, Eriostemon sp, Prostanthera petraea and Grevillea Apricot Charm.
We bought a Samsung 10.1 tablet when we were away. One morning, this week, we charged the tablet and set up the unit. Using the tablet will be a whole new experience.
On the last day of the week we spent some time watching the first day of the Ashes cricket test.

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