Week 3 November 2008: Rain = 51mm    So far this month we have received 98.5mm. Not a bad figure when the November monthly average is 80mm.

We spent some time weeding this week. The rain has encouraged weed growth. In one garden the weeds growing close to our plants were removed by hand. In other areas weeds not close to plants were sprayed with Glyphosate.

Saw two Stubble Quail near our front verandah one day this week. We sometimes startle these small birds when we are walking around the garden. This time we were able to observe these Quail as they foraged in the garden.

This week we purchased a new book. Australia’s Eremophilas for changing gardens for a changing climate by Boschen, Goods and Wait is a beautiful book that describes and provides cultivation information on nearly all the 216 Eremophila species. The text is accompanied by beautiful photographs. This is a “must have “publication for anyone interested in the cultivation of this colourful Australian plant genus.

Some plants, in the garden, as still bursting into bloom. Callistemon sieberi is known as the River Bottlebrush and our plants are covered with cream brushes. Leptospermum spectabile is a beautiful Tea Tree and our specimen is a picture with masses of large red flowers.

In our regenerating woodland there are scattered plants of Goodenia bellidifolia.  Each plant has a rosette of leaves with a number of small yellow flowers clustered around a single stem.

We found two more bird nests near our back door this week. One pair of Yellow-faced Honeyeaters has a nest in a native Clematis vine and another pair has a nest in an exotic Star Jasmine vine.


Garden Diary