Week 3 November 2005: Rain = 2mm
A number of plants are bursting into bloom. Cassinia leptocephala has large golden flower heads. Prostanthera saxicola has typical Mint Bush flowers. We have many Calothamnus plants in the garden. They are also in full flower and their bright red blooms attract many honeyeaters. A Nymphoides plant in our Patio Pool has started to flower. Each bright yellow flower lasts for one day.
Many native bee species are busy visiting various Melaleuca blooms. This spring there has been an influx of these interesting insects.
We did more replanting and mulching in our Correa Garden . These plants are to replace specimens that have expired for various reasons.
We had another visit this week. Two interested gardeners came to see how we established native plants. They have a property near Uralla and are interested in both native plants and exotics.
Mid week we were interviewed on the local ABC network. This interview was separate to our fortnightly talk back programme. We talked about the Wollemi Pine because local Forestry nurseries will be selling Wollemi plants next April.
This week we celebrated a number of family birthdays. We had a birthday lunch with relatives on Saturday.
We came back to earth after our birthday celebrations. A morning was spent mowing the grassed areas around the house.

Garden Diary