Week 3 November 2004: No rain this week.

This week we had some unwelcome visitors. A neighbor’s sheep managed to find their way onto Yallaroo. The last thing we want is hungry sheep attacking our gardens. Fortunately the sheep were removed before they inflicted any damage.

We have a Hakea teretifolia in full flower in one of our gardens. This prickly species usually grows near watercourses and wetlands. Our specimen is very happily growing in a well-drained site. We would certainly rather have a flowering Hakea than straying sheep.

Late in the week we travelled to the Central Coast, north of Sydney. This week four of our family has birthdays. Sore throats were the order of the day after singing multiple renditions of Happy Birthday.

We received a number of horticultural presents. An oval-fruited Cumquat will reside in a large pot on our back patio. Hopefully this plant will provide fruit for Cumquat marmalade. We also were given six native plants in tubes. These included Grevillea buxifolia, Prostanthera magnifica and Olearia tomentosa.

On the way home we stopped at the State Forest Nursery at Muswellbrook. They were having a tube sale so we were tempted to buy more plants.

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