Week 3 November 2002: Good rainfall this week: 31 mm. Our domestic tank overflowed and the native grasses in our mown areas are beginning to sprout. Hopefully the Kangaroos will find this fresh growth more palatable than our shrubs.
Received two CDs from the CSIRO this week. One is an identification guide to the 1165 known species of Wattles in Australia. The other is known as Euclid and is a guide to the identification of the Eucalypts of Southern Australia and covers 650 species. Each CD is $A110 and worth every dollar. They have easy to use keys, descriptions, photos and drawings. Please send us an email if you require further information.
Pruned some of our Callistemons (Bottlebrushes) this week. There are a number of Callistemon pallidus growing near our Big Dam. They are a blaze of colour in late spring with their bright yellow brushes. We remove their spent flowers and do the same with other Bottlebrushes. This keeps them bushy and blooming bounteously.
We travelled again this week. Our trip this time is to see our son Lachlan in Mittagong on the Southern Highlands of NSW. Mittagong is about 600 km away and the trip takes about 7 to 8 hours. The road to the south passes through Yengo and Wollomi National Parks. Bushfires have burnt out some areas along the road. It will be interesting to see the amount of regeneration when we travel that way again next year.
Lachlan is cultivating a beautiful Flannel Flower (Actinotus helianthi) in a pot. This is a variety known as Federation Star and was the NSW Centenary of Federation Flower in 2001. I tried to count the number of flower heads but gave up when I reached 60.
We also saw a number of Dargan Hill Monarch Daisies growing at the base of a deciduous tree. Their large, cheerful yellow flowers are carried for many months. This variety (as with most daisies) propagates easily from cuttings.
Went bushwalking in a Reserve near Mittagong. This is another area that has been severely scorched by bushfires. This will be another area worth observing, in the future, to see what regenerates.
We had a birthday this week. In fact within three days we celebrate a granddaughter’s, daughter’s and grand parent’s birthdays. We visited a native plant nursery and selected some plants as a present. Amongst our selection is Hibbertia obtusifolia, Dampiera diversifolia, Dampiera purpurea and a tall form of Correa reflexa. We chose plants with plenty of cutting material.

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