Week 3 November 2001:  Another 37 mm of rain this week. There has been over 50 mm so far this month. The garden is relishing the moisture.
Our Lambertia formosa (Mountain Devil) is flowering. The tubular red flowers are rich in nectar and last spring the flowers were devoured by Crimson Rosellas. This year they have ignored the flowers because there are heaps of other nectar sources.
The Callistemons are a main nectar source as they are in full flower. We havenít done a Callistemon Census but we must have dozens of mature plants. Almost every flower colour of the rainbow is represented. Honeyeaters, as well as Rosellas are also attracted to the flowers.
The Bulbine Lilies are flowering in large numbers and creating carpets of gold in various places on Yallaroo. This week we transplanted some and placed them in various garden beds. Cultivated specimens have a longer flowering period than wild plants.
Collected some aquatic plants for a chap installing a large pond. Our Small Dam is home to large numbers of Potamogeton and Chara. We have introduced these plants into our frog ponds as they help to keep the water clear.
Found a White-eared Honeyeaters nest is a Prostanthera (Mint Bush) near the house. There are probably more birds nesting within 20 metres of the house than are nesting in the rest of the 64 hectares of Yallaroo.

Garden Diary