Week 3 May 2016:

This week a relative visited for a few days. We had a very pleasant time.

Our blueberries are now flowering profusely. Our Acacia flexifolia plants are flowering. This species always precedes the spring-flowering wattles.

This week we emptied our large rotary composter. We harvested eight bags of beautiful compost. Now we will start to fill it again with vegetable scraps, old sawdust, grass clippings, chipped green material, blood and bone as well as Dynamic Lifter. One morning we chipped some pruned Cassinia quinquefaria. This will go into our emptied composter.

Potting on continued this week. Struck cuttings of Correa Cardinal Bells, Kunzea bracteolata, Grevillea Lady O and Prostanthera aspalathoides went into tubes. Also going into tubes were seedling Acacia chinchillensis and A. conferta.

On the last day of the week we visited a friend who has bought a property on the other side of Armidale. We have known him from our days working in the Botany Department at the University. He shares our interest in native plants and their propagation. We spent a very interesting morning looking at his propagating set up and walking around the property. He has lots of landscaping ideas and in the future this will be a significant garden. We sighted Swamp Wallabies, Grey Kangaroos and at the front of the house there was a flock of Blue Wrens and a Tree Creeper on a fence post. 

Wildlife observations: At home we observed a flock of Brown-headed Honeyeaters bathing in a bird bath, a robin near our verandah, three Wedge-tailed Eagles soaring over Yallaroo and ten White-winged Choughs foraging in the mulch near our deck.


Garden Diary