Week 3 May 2015: Rain = 16 millimetres. Rain fell in one night. This was very welcome.

Early in the week we potted on struck cuttings of Rulingia salviifolia, Brachyscome angustifolia and Grevillea oldei.  We also potted on some germinated broad bean seeds. These were germinated in paper sandwiches as mentioned last week. We aim to fill one of our vegetable beds with broad beans. They are a useful vegetable and last season we had a bumper crop. Young pods were picked and frozen. We ate them for many months after the plants had finished cropping.

This week was the first time for many months that we have caught up with the cuttings that have taken root. In the cooler months, even with bottom heating cuttings take longer to strike. This probably has something to do with the reduced day length. This week we collected and put in cuttings from many plants in the garden. In the future, as days lengthen and temperatures rise, we will have our usual proliferation of rooted cuttings to pot on.

Even with the arrival of cooler weather there are plants flowering. This week Hakea drupacea, Hakea orthorrhyncha, Banksia Giant Candles and Melaleuca cardiophylla are all flowering.

This week we spent some time watering our tubed plants and newer garden plantings with our grey water. Evaporation has dropped considerably and the need for watering has reduced considerably.

We renovated one of our vegetable beds this week. Butternut pumpkins, cucumbers, zucchini and egg plants have all finished cropping and all spent plants were removed. We will be planting parsnips, radishes, turnips etc in this bed.

Wildlife observations: The 16 millimetres of rain triggered the arrival of many Swift Moths. They were attracted to the light from our lounge room windows. Their larvae feed on tree roots and when they pupate they await the arrival of rain to emerge as mature moths. There were two Swift Moth species. Most were about four centimetres long and a few that reached seven centimetres. We counted 35 moths on one window. We observed a flock of ten Blue Wrens near our vegetable area. There were also flocks of Double-barred and Red-browed Finches in the garden. We sighted a Yellow Robin in one of our mature eucalypts.


Garden Diary