Week 3 May 2014: No rain this week.

This week we continued planting, weeding and mulching in our north garden and around the big pond near the house. We have had a change in the mulch that we use. We are now using chipped material from the trees that were cleared under our power line. This is instead of the sawdust mulch that we have been using for many years. We find that the chipped material is easier to spread and allows better water penetration.

We planted 30 tubes this week and also potted on a heap of struck cuttings including: Thryptomene sp, Hypocalymma sp, Chorizema cordatum, Westringia eremicola, Grevillea evansiana and Prostanthera aspalathoides the red-flowered form. We also potted on seedling Allocasuarina grampiana and Callitris endlicheri.

We split up two Kangaroo Paws that we bought when visited our family in Gosford, north of Sydney. One has red flowers and the other yellow. Both plants were split in half and repotted.

Our Callistemon Little John is in full flower near our patio.

We were a bit light on as far as wildlife sightings were concerned this week. Apart from the usual Grey Kangaroos and Swamp Wallaby we sighted a White-faced Heron and a pair of Little Grebes on our big dam.


Garden Diary