Week 3 May 2013: Rain = 1 millimetre

This week we bought a new TV. Our previous TV, about 2 years old, developed a white patch on the screen plus the DVD player refuses to play DVDs. The set was bought online from a well known company. At present we are endeavouring to obtain a refund but the company says the set is out of warranty. This will not deter us. We are going to persist until a refund is forthcoming.

One night this week we lit our fire for the first time this season. No doubt this will be a nightly event through winter. Fortunately we have plenty of dead timber just waiting to be cut up.

We now move onto things horticultural. This week we potted on struck cuttings of Grevillea anethifolia. This hardy species becomes covered in white flowers in the warmer months.

Because of the lack of rain we spent some time watering newer plantings with our grey water supply. We also mowed around the borders of some of our established gardens. The borders were then sprayed with Roundup herbicide.

This week one of our Hakea eriantha plants came under attack by a pair of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos. They break open the woody fruits to expose the winged seeds. Of all the Hakeas that we grow this is only this species that the Cockatoos attack.


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