Week 3 May 2012: No rain again this week. Fortunately evaporation rates have dropped because of the low autumn temperatures. Because of the splendid rain in early April we have a high soil moisture level.

We observed a White-necked Heron catching a fish in our Big Dam. Before we purchased Yallaroo someone had released goldfish in a small dam. This dam was incorporated in a larger body of water when the Big Dam was constructed. We now have a large population of goldfish. The Heron was taking advantage of this food source.

We started planting vegetables in one of our vegetable rings. Seedling beetroot, kale, leeks and radish seedlings were planted and sown.

Potting on struck cuttings also continued this week. Brachyscomes, a form of Correa reflexa, Leptospermum Rudolph and passionfruit found temporary homes in tubes. Speaking of passionfruit. We have found that passionfruit cuttings produce roots rapidly.

This week 28 plants migrated from tubes to the garden.

Near our north-facing deck we have a large Grevillea Pink Surprise that is covered in many large flower heads. This week we spent some time cutting off spent blooms.


Garden Diary