Week 3 May 2011: No rain this week.

Planting total = 36 plants

Potting on continued this week with cuttings of Darwinia citriodora and Olearia ramulosa going into tubes. The latter species is a Daisy Bush with fine foliage and bright blue flowers. We also potted on seedlings of Allocasuarina grampiana. This is a beautiful She Oak with bluish foliage and would make good and fast growing substitute for the exotic Blue Spruce.

In the edible part of our garden we picked all the fruits from our pomegranate tree. There were 15 large fruits. We will open them and freeze the juicy seeds. On a sadder note this week the frosts demolished all our cucurbit plants including cucumbers, prickly cucumbers and zucchinis. We canít complain because we have harvested many cucurbit fruits this growing season.

We spent some time cleaning out our tropical fish aquarium. The algae growing on a freshwater moss, Fontinalis was becoming a bit thick. The moss is useful as a refuge for new born Guppies and Mollies. We are very happy with our aquarium. Very little maintenance is required and the inhabitants are constantly entertaining.

 On our regular shopping day we visited the Rotary Book Fair at Armidale race course. This is an annual event and this year they had about 70,000 volumes for sale. We stocked up on books for the grandchildren and some fiction for the grandparents.


Garden Diary