Sculpture.JPG (52492 bytes)Week 3 May 2008: Rain = 17.7 mm this filled our house tank to overflowing.   

The very welcome rain freshened up the garden. Unfortunately the prolonged dry period has meant some that some Eucalypts, planted about two years ago, have expired. Hopefully they may sprout from the roots.

This week there was some snow. One night we saw large snow flakes drifting down. Regrettably the snow did not settle. Guyra, north of Armidale had a seven centimetre layer of snow.

Planting continued this week in our Triangle Garden. This time 44 more plants found homes in this garden. We also erected a timber sculpture (see image) in the Triangle Garden. The corrugated iron in the background is used to kill weeds before we plant. The sculpture was a large stump that was too heavy to move elsewhere.

There were some interesting bird sightings this week. Two Wedge-tailed Eagles were riding the thermals just north of Yallaroo.

Two Little Egrets visited our Big Dam one morning this week. They were feeding in the shallows. This is the first time that Egrets have visited Yallaroo. This takes our bird count to 90 species.

New on the Site:  Acacia decora, Acacia ptychoclada, Acacia pycnantha, Acacia salicina, Acacia spectabilis and Acacia venulosa.


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