Week 3 May 2006: Still no rain this week.
Although rain is in short supply we are still planting. This week 40 plants went into the ground.
We moved sheets of corrugated iron from one section of a garden to another. The area freed from iron will be planted in the near future. The iron is used as an organic herbicide.
Saw three Pied Butcherbirds in one of our trees this week. They are handsome birds with a beautiful call.
The colder weather has arrived and this week we started to light our wood heater. This heater is very efficient and heats our lounge room with the minimum of wood.
We germinated some passionfruit seed and this week we potted on over a dozen seedlings. As seedlings develop they will be planted in various spots throughout our gardens.
We burnt a CD this week with photos of 100 local native plants from our photographic collection. Some will be used in posters and others as a basis for a talk on the horticultural potential of local species. With two exceptions all the photographs were from plants in our gardens.
This week we found an area where an Echidna (Spiny Anteater) had been digging. There were holes in the ground and a number of rocks were overturned as the marsupial hunted for ants.
A flock of about ten Brown-headed Honeyeaters visited one of our bird baths. These cheerful birds rarely visited Yallaroo but now we see flocks on a weekly basis.
Back in early spring we planted some seedling pumpkins in one of our gardens. The seeds germinated in our worm farm. This week we picked nine, medium-sized pumpkins. We also harvested many tomatoes, over a period of weeks, from plants growing amongst our native.

Garden Diary