Week 3 May 2005:  Still away from home.
This week we travelled from Jindabyne to Cooma. We visited the local markets and then did some walking in the North Ridge Reserve on the outskirts of Cooma. This Reserve is home to a number of forms of Grevillea lanigera. Some plants were upright, medium shrubs whilst others were more prostrate. There were also differences in foliage colour. Some had green foliage; others had blue-green leaves whilst others had foliage colours somewhere in-between. Grevillea lanigera has hybridised with other Grevilleas in the area. The Grevillea plants were the dominant understorey plant, in the Reserve.
Whilst in Cooma we visited the Snowy Mountains Scheme Information Centre. This Scheme was Australia ís most impressive engineering project. The Scheme collects and stores water in the alpine area. The stored water is released for electricity generation and irrigation. The Information Centre explained the whole system in great detail.
The next day we drove past Thredbo to the Geehi picnic area. We did some walking, looked at a rebuilt mountain hut and ate lunch. Near the picnic area there were some large Correa plants with red flowers and aromatic foliage. We are not sure if the plants were native to the area or planted. We did not see any specimens in the bush.
The next day we had a short walk to Rainbow Lake . There were many interesting plants along the track. A grey-foliaged Daisy Bush (Olearia) caught the eye.
That was our last day at Jindabyne and next day we travelled to Canberra , the nationís capital. We had an overnight stay here and visited a couple of places of interest.
Firstly we spent some time in the National Botanic Gardens. These Gardens are dedicated to the cultivation of Australian plants. The Gardens bulge at the seams with interesting plants.
We also visited the National Museum of Australia . This is a magnificent building with many exhibits. We spent a number of hours here without seeing all the exhibits.
Travelled from Canberra to Mittagong where we stayed for a couple of nights at our sonís place. One morning we went for a walk in the Lake Alexandra Reserve at Mittagong. This Reserve is home to a wide range of interesting plants plus some dramatic sandstone cliffs.
Then we began the journey home. We stayed overnight at our youngest daughterís place in Westmead near Parramatta . Our daughter and her family have a unit not far from Parramatta Park . This is a huge open area given over to all sorts of passive recreation. Our passive recreation was to have a picnic beside the Parramatta River .

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