Week 3 May 2003: 7 mm in the rain gauge this week.
We had a rather interesting week. Outside our lounge room we have a Callistemon comboynensis covered in red brushes. The plant is only about one metre high and early one morning there were seven Wattle Birds sitting around the plant sipping nectar from the brushes.
Our naturally occurring Silvertop Stringybarks (Eucalyptus laevopinea) are in full flower and the Rainbow Lorikeets are busy flying from tree to tree.
We are up to our proverbial armpits with struck cuttings. Our propagating bench is working very efficiently. Correas, Eremophilas and Grevilleas are some of the cuttings developing roots.
Built a small rock wall in our Lawn garden. This will create two levels in a large garden bed. We will plant a range of ground covers to spill over the wall. Rocks are one item that we have in abundance at Yallaroo.
We have a new list on the site. Birdscaping Your Garden provides some information on creating bird-friendly gardens. We also have an item on the local ABC web site called A Treasury of Trunks. This has a series of Eucalypt trunk images.
A group of native plant enthusiasts visited Yallaroo this week. We all had a pleasant and instructive time together. They told us about a source of sawdust for mulch. We have been using chipped green waste from the local council but we are finding that it is not as efficient as sawdust in smothering weeds.
New on our site this week: Coorabakh National Park, Spiny Anteater.

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