Week 3 March 2016: Rain = 24 millimetres. This good fall helped the garden. The weather is much cooler this week than previously. This also has helped plants recover after the hot dry spell.

Potting on continued this week. Seedlings of Acacia lasiocarpa, A. polybotrya and Hakea pachyphylla went into tubes. Amongst the struck cuttings also potted on was Grevillea Jelly Baby, Melaleuca tamariscina, Callistemon formosus and Westringia eremicola.

One morning this week a friend, who lives on the other side of Armidale, visited. We always enjoy his visits as we have the same interest in native plants and birds. He brought some home grown potatoes and tomatoes.

We dug 15 planting holes this week. We planted 12 tubes and three plants from large pots. These were Grevillea beadleana, Hakea Burrendong Beauty and a mandarin that we grew from seed.

Wildlife observations: A flock of White-eared Choughs were just inside our gate one morning. A black snake was sighted near our big pond. This was probably the first snake observed this year. An Eastern Spinebill was feeding on the flowers of Eucalyptus pulverulenta near our back patio. Outside our lounge room there is a Grevillea Robyn Gordon in full flower. All this week, during the day, an Eastern Spinebill was feeding on the flowers. At night a Hawk Moth took over and fed on the same flowers.


Garden Diary