Week 3 March 2014: Rain = 5.5 millimetres. Not much moisture but keeps our tank topped up.

There was a minimum of horticultural activity this week. We spent almost three days in town.

We did manage to do some planting and potting on. This week 24 plants were released from their tubes into our north garden. We also potted on struck cuttings of Grevillea evansiana, Craspedia sp., Grevillea jephcottii, Prostanthera aspalathoides and P. serpyllifolia.

We also covered our small lemon tree with netting. One of the local macropods has taken a liking to citrus foliage.

In our big pond, near the house, a waterlily flowered with a beautiful yellow bloom.

Wildlife sightings this week: A Swampy Wallaby was feeding on our mown area near the house one afternoon. This may be the citrus-loving macropod. Two Eastern Rosellas were also sighted feeding on the mown area. Two Stony Creek Frogs spent a couple of days resting on our patio chairs. Finally a Blue-banded Bee was observed visiting the flowers of Goodenia decurrens. This was a tubed plant in our plastic house.


Garden Diary