Week 3 March 2013: No rain this week.

Early in the week we had our chainsaw sharpened after blunting it last week. After sharpening we cut up a fallen eucalypt that yielded a satisfactory quantity of firewood. We are now set up for the cold winter weather.

Planting progressed this week with 18 plants going into the ground.

On our weekly shopping trip we bought 3 yabby traps for a total of $20. This was a good price. Our big dam is home to these tasty crustaceans. They resemble miniature freshwater lobsters. The entrance to the traps has small rings so that tortoises/turtles are not trapped. Once we have accumulated some chicken bones etc, for bait, we will set the traps in the dam.

Our Melaleuca radula plants have burst into bloom this week. This western melaleuca has a long flowering period.

This week we picked beans and yellow pear tomatoes. The tomato plant came up near our raspberries and has yielded a large quantity of small, sweet, pear-shaped fruit.


Garden Diary