Week 3 March 2012: Rain = 10.5 millimetres

Plenty of outdoor activities this week. 15 plants went into the ground and they were mulched. We used both the push and ride-on mowers to mow all the areas around and near the house. The grass clippings, from the push mower, were collected and they will be composted. We now have a large quantity of compost. This will be used in potting mix and incorporated into garden beds.

We also used the brush cutter to extend the width of our circular road. We cut down the weeds and grasses with the brush cutter then follow-up with the ride-on. By using the brush cutter first we are able to uncover any rocks that could damage the ride-on. When we first used the ride-on we managed to injure the mower by hitting hidden rocks.

Lots of small birds around the house this week. Blue Wrens, Double-barred Finches, Eastern Spinebills, Yellow-faced Honeyeaters, Scrub Wrens and a Willie Wagtail frequented the area near the northern side of the house.

There are still some plants producing flowers. They include Grevillea Pink Surprise and Melaleuca radula. The latter species had been flowering for months whilst the former is visited constantly by Eastern Spinebills and Yellow-faced Honeyeaters.


Garden Diary