Week 3 March 2009: Rain = 17 millimetres. A welcome fall that filled our house tank to overflowing.

We spent some time moving sheets of corrugated iron to a new area. We use the iron as organic herbicide. It is left on the ground for about six weeks. When moved we have a bare horticultural canvas to plant in. We dug holes in the exposed ground and 27 plants went into the ground. This area is part of our large Triangle Garden that is bordered by our almost circular drive.

In one of our older garden beds we found a Hibbertia vestita with one large yellow flower. We frequently find plants that we have forgotten about.

One of our Eucalyptus crenulata plant is covered in buds. This is the first of this species to reach the bud-producing stage. We are approaching the time when there will be at least one species of Eucalypt in flower all the time in the garden.

This week we bought more fish for our tropical aquarium. Our purchases included two Pepper Catfish and four Harlequins.

The local council has started work on straightening the main road outside Yallaroo. This will be a major job. There are strict conditions on the amount of clearing to be undertaken and some revegetation work will be undertaken after the road is completed.


Garden Diary