Week 3 March 2008: No rain again. This is the 3rd week without precipitation.

No rain and warm weather means that some of our Prostantheras (Mint Bushes) are becoming a trifle relaxed. They will bounce back as soon as we have some rain.

This week we saw two Wedge-tailed Eagles riding the thermals, west of the house. They are fairly regular visitors and we see them every week or so.

We have a Grevillea Moonlight flowering near our shed. This sub tropical hybrid has large, nectar-rich cream flower spikes. This is the first time that our specimen has flowered.

One of our birdbaths is very popular and one day this week we observed Thornbills, Spinebills, Scrub Wrens, Brown-headed, White-naped and Yellow-faced Honeyeaters all bathing.

The ABC has changed all their regional radio web sites. They are now virtually all the same with little local content. The home pages are a mass of images and text. Unfortunately our Aussie Natives segment has disappeared and cannot be accessed. We havenít added to the segment for about 12 months but there were descriptions and images of over 100 native plants. If possible we may try to resurrect the segment.

The big news this week is that we have finished revamping our old plastic house. Our new propagator (see last week) is installed outside the plastic house. We removed all the old wooden tables (that were falling apart) and replaced them with three metal benches. These have metal trays sitting on top and lined with plastic. Each table will accommodate about 500 plants. After organising everything we find that we have about 700 plants ready for the garden. There will be lots of planting later on in autumn.

We lined the trays with plastic because we found the plants develop better if they access some of their water from the base.

We have decided that we will cease planting in the Coolatai Garden. This area was levelled when we first moved to Yallaroo and had visions of starting a nursery. Fortunately this vision came to nought. The area was levelled to the sub soil and it is very difficult to dig holes.

We will concentrate on a large, triangular-shaped area east of our house and between our circular drive. The area is about 1800 square metres so there is plenty of room for planting. The area was ripped many years ago so digging holes is relatively easy.


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