Mauve_carpet.JPG (38660 bytes)Week 3 March 2007: Rain = 5mm

We had a visit from an electrician this week. He fitted new fluorescent lights in our lounge/dining area. The existing lights were not bright enough. The level of brightness has increased dramatically since the new lights were fitted.

Tadpoles are present in three of our ponds. In our Big Pond large numbers of tadpoles were observed eating algae from the pond walls. This pond is now home to a floating fountain that we purchased recently. This fountain is about the size of a dinner plate and has two solar cells connected to a small pump that hangs under the cells. The pump shoots a jet of water about 45 centimetres high.

On the way into town this week we observed a paddock filled with small everlasting Daisies. This was just one paddock surrounded by daisy-free areas.

The grass has taken off after the recent rain. This week we mowed around the house and road. In the near future we will be mowing the large area to the north of the house. This area was part of an old sheep camp and was covered in weeds when we first moved to Yallaroo. Ten years of mowing has changed this area and is now covered with native grasses and herbaceous native species.

We spent some time in our new Caravan Garden. Weeding, planting and mulching were undertaken.

Establishing Banksias in our gardens is always a problem. They have a fibrous root system and often expire during drought conditions. This week we found a small Banksia integrifolia that apparently had surrendered to the dry conditions but was found to have sprouted from the roots. This plant will be given extra attention.

Pelargonium rodneyanum was another plant that appeared to have died during the drought. This week we found not only had the plant sprouted but had sent out suckers.

A pot of aquatic plants was made up to place in our New Pond. Myriophyllum, Ranunculus and Marsilea plants were included in this horticultural smorgasbord.

Last week we mentioned the huge numbers of Calotis daisies that appeared in the Yallaroo grasslands forming carpets of gold. This week we found a large area of Vittadinia daisies west of the house. These plants have formed a mauve carpet (see image).

Late last year we bought a strawberry plant. The variety is known as Alinta and is reputed to bear strawberries all year. So far this variety has lived up to its reputation and has carried fruit since late January.

This week we had our chainsaw serviced and we will be cutting firewood in the near future. At Yallaroo we have a number of large dead Eucalypts that were ringbarked in days gone by. In the last couple of months a number of these expired trees have fallen. They are mostly Eucalyptus albens (White Box). The wood from this species produces excellent firewood.


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