Week 3 March 2005: Rain = 27mm
One day this week, two Brown Quails took off from one of our gardens when we approached. We often surprise these ground frequenting birds as we walk around Yallaroo.
We are having some success striking Crowea exalata cuttings. For some time we have had no success in the propagation of this beautiful shrub. Somewhere we read that January and February were the best months to take cuttings. This was good advice. We feel that we cannot have too many Correas in our gardens.
Daphne is another propagation success. This sweet-scented flowering exotic is said to be difficult to propagate. We heard that around Christmas is the best time to take cuttings. We collected some cuttings, from a relative’s garden, after Christmas lunch. This week we potted on about 12 struck cuttings. Optimistically these plants will survive. If they do we will give most away and keep a couple that will find homes in large pots and live on our back patio.
Found three dead rabbits as we wandered around Yallaroo this week. They were probably the victims of the calici virus.
We erected some more timber sculptures in our garden beds. There are many interesting pieces of wood lying around Yallaroo. Each garden bed has at least one contorted piece placed amongst our native plants.
This week we finished planting a large extension of our Lawn Garden . This extension has an area of about 50 square metres and accommodates approximately 240 plants.

Garden Diary