Week 3 March 2004: Rain this week = 25.5mm.
The rain filled our house tank to overflowing. The surplus was pumped into our irrigation tank.
Did some brush cutting this week along the road that encircles our house and most of the gardens. There are a few slopes that are too steep to mow.
More sawdust spread on our Correa and Lawn gardens. This organic mulch reduces evaporation and inhibits weed growth. Mulched plants certainly make better progress than those without mulch.
A few weeks ago we planted a Waratah (Telopea speciosissima) in our Correa Garden. This plant (and two others) was kept in a pot until a lignotuber (swollen root mass) developed. This week two shoots appeared growing out of the lignotuber. This fresh growth has inspired us to plant out the other two Waratahs. These plants have also developed lignotubers.
Buds are appearing on some of our Banksias. “Giant Candles”, a marginata, integrifolia cross and most satisfying of all three buds are developing on a Banksia baueri. This Western Australian native has large, woolly, yellow-grey flower spikes.
This week we saw a pair of Silvereyes collecting the fleshy, black berries from a Solanum nigrum. This is one of the weeds that we are battling at Yallaroo. The Silvereyes were taking the berries into a clump of Eucalypts. There is probably a nest there and the berries are food for young Silvereyes. The fruits contain a hard single seed. No doubt the Silvereyes would excrete these seeds and help disperse the plants.

Garden Diary