Week 3 March 2002: Very hot and dry this week. No rain to report. During protracted dry periods most native plants demonstrate their drought resistance. Some of our Prostantheras (Mint Bushes) are looking rather relaxed and have needed some water. The rest of the plants are still looking good. We are keeping the water up to our new plantings.
Even with the mini-drought there are still frogs croaking around our ponds.
We are doing more inside work than outside this week.  Because we are going away in April we have to prepare newspaper articles to cover our absence. We are also trying to put as much information as possible on our website. We now have over 110 plant descriptions and images in our Plants section.
One outside job this week has been potting on struck cuttings into individual tubes. We are having great success striking a whole range of species and varieties. We are also putting down sheets of iron on our Lawn Garden. When we return these areas will be weed free and ready for planting.
Saw a Crimson Rosella on one of our young Eucalypts the other morning. It appeared to be eating Sawfly larvae. This would be an unexpected method of biological pest control.
Another group came to visit Yallaroo this week.   We now have over 200 people annually visiting the gardens.

Garden Diary