Week 3 June 2017: No rain again

We now have a regular appointment with our log splitter. First thing every morning we split a wheelbarrow load of firewood. Just as well we have the log splitter because the firewood we bought would be very difficult to split with a block splitter.

One morning, after splitting wood, we weeded one of our vegetable beds. We will be sowing radish, turnips, parsnips and broad beans in this bed.

A couple of weeks ago we bought another wheelbarrow. It is a Daytek brand the same as one we have had for 20 or so years that is still going strong. This week we assembled the new wheelbarrow. We often have uses for more than one barrow. We have a large barrow with a large poly tray. This is a rather unwieldy machine and it is being pensioned off. The tray holds water so it will have a new life in our vegetable area. We will be growing water chestnuts in it.

We moved sheets of corrugated iron in the garden we are planting out. New ground that is now weed free has been uncovered ready for planting. We started to dig holes in this uncovered area.

We continued potting on rooted cuttings this week. Craspedia sp, Myoporum floribundum, Scaevola Mauve Mist and Prostanthera serpyllifolia were potted on.

A Banksia spinulosa, near our back patio, has a number of flower spikes. Because the garden is so large we often come across plants that we had forgotten about. This week we found a variegated Correa alba that comes into this category. As far as we know this is the only specimen of this variety in the garden so cuttings were taken.

Wildlife observations: A pair of Little Grebes spent a few days on our big dam. A flock of White-winged Choughs were sighted just outside our gate one afternoon.


Garden Diary