Week 3 June 2014:

Early in the week we travelled to Gosford, north of Sydney to spend a few days with one of our daughters and her family in their new house. We travelled on the new Hunter Expressway in the Hunter Valley. This new road took 30 minutes off our trip south.

During our visit we observed a pair of Musk Lorikeets in a New Zealand Christmas Bush (Metrosideros thomasii). They were feeding on the colourful flower's nectar. This was a first time we had observed this species. In the garden there was also a beautiful Grevillea Bonfire growing in the garden. Large red flowers covered the plant.

During our visit we went to the local Masters Hardware Store and strangely enough purchased some plants. Our purchases included four subtropical grevilleas, at $8 each. They were Grevillea Majestic, G. Moonlight, G. Pink Surprise and G. Honey Gem. Kangaroo paws and two ground covering casuarinas were also purchased.

We also visited a roadside population of the rare Grevillea oldei. Cuttings were collected.
Later in the week we journeyed south to our other daughter in western Sydney. She and her family have also moved into a new house. One house, in her street, has three Gymea Lilies (Doryanthes excelsa) with massive flower heads.

We visited another Masters store and bought even more plants including Blueberry Burst, Callistemon and Acacia guinetti.

Whilst walking we had another interesting avian observation. We saw three Apostle Birds feeding. These birds are usually found in western, drier areas.


Garden Diary