Week 3 June 2012: Rain = 10.5 millimetres

Winter has arrived with a vengeance. Two mornings this week we had very heavy frosts and fog. Armidale’s temperature went down to -7 degrees centigrade. Our temperature was probably higher because we are perched on a hill and the cold air slips away down the slope.

Some planting continued this week with 21 plants going into the ground. Planting will ease up somewhat during the colder months.

Struck cuttings of Westringia eremicola and Myoporum viscosum were potted on. There are still plenty of struck cuttings, in our propagator, to place in tubes.

We also planted some Silver Beet seedlings in one of our vegetable rings and dormant raspberry plants in an area we have prepared for vines.

Managed to brave the cold and dug out some dead grass in an area that will become yet another garden. This was an area that we covered with sheets of corrugated iron some time ago. This is certainly an effective and environmentally friendly method of killing grass and weeds before planting.

Another day we indulged in some more exercise and cut up a Eucalyptus albens tree that we cut down last winter. The tree was cut into short lengths and then split ready for burning in our heater. The stump, left after cutting the tree down, has sprouted and in a couple of years will become a tree again.


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