Week 3 June 2011: Rain = 12.5 millimetres

This week we travelled south to visit our children and their families. Sydney was the first port of call where we stayed with our son and family.

During our Sydney stay we attended two concerts. Our grandchildren participated in both. We also visited the Sydney Live Steam Locomotive Society Park in the Sydney suburb of West Ryde. There are three tracks where enthusiasts run their model locomotives and provide rides for visitors. On the day we visited hundreds of people where there with long queues waiting for rides. The wait for a ride was worthwhile. The locomotives are works of art and take thousands of hours in their construction.

On another day we visited Sydney’s Olympic Park near the suburb of Newington. There are children’s playgrounds, bike and walking tracks and picnic areas to name a few of the facilities. Most of Sydney’s population seemed to be there on the day of our visit. The Park is a well-used area.

We also visited the Cumberland State Forest in the suburb of Castle Hill. This was a more restful visit with few visitors. We walked through regenerated rainforest, looked at the nursery and had a barbeque lunch. Many of the plants, in the rainforest, are labelled. Photos were taken and a number of these labelled species will appear on the web site in the fullness of time.


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