Week 3 June 2010: Rain = 8.5 millimetres

More Acacia flexifolia plants are bursting into bloom. We regard this species as an early herald of spring.

This week we potted on more struck cuttings including Goodenias, Correas and Eremophilas.

One day this week we visited friends who live on the other side of Armidale. They have an extensive native garden with many varieties. They have had success direct seeding treated Acacia seeds. They soak the seeds in boiling water then sow into shallow rip lines. This is something we will try with Acacias, at Yallaroo. They also have a large number of small native birds in residence in their garden. An enjoyable morning was had by all.

Speaking of direct seed sowing. We are sowing a couple of Acacia seeds directly into individual tubes where the plants will grow until ready to plant. If both seeds germinate then we may either remove one seedling or leave both in the tube. This method of germination should avoid the shock of transplanting from a seed punnet to tubes.

We are preparing for the spring vegetable growing season. This week we sowed the seeds of ten tomato varieties in our propagating unit.


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