Bottle&banksia.JPG (37870 bytes)Week 3 June 2008: Rain = 4mm

To the west of the house we have a Eucalyptus laevopinea in full flower. One day this week the tree was visited by a large flock of Silvereyes. They were probably feeding on the nectar and catching insects that were also visiting the flowers.

This week we moved more sheets of corrugated iron onto our Triangle Garden. This will kill the grass and weeds and in two months or so this area will be ready for planting. We already have a large area covered with sheets of iron. The iron has proved to be a very effective organic herbicide.

This week we planted two Banksias with a plastic soft drink bottle in each hole. We cut the base of each bottle and bore a hole in the bottle lid. Each bottle is placed in the hole and filled with small rocks (see image). The bottles are filled with water and this trickles into the soil, beside the Banksia, through the hole in the cap. We used to use a piece of poly pipe but the “bottle method” may be more efficient. Banksias have a fibrous root system and tend to need more water, when young, than other native plants.

Planting continued through the week with 14 plants going into the ground. These plants were mulched after planting.

This week we bought a Santa Rosa plum to add to the edible exotics in our apology for an orchard. After planting we cut each stem back to about a half. We put some of these cuttings in the propagating unit and hopefully we will be able to propagate some more plums. Santa Rosas are said to be self-pollinating. We are also waiting for a local nursery to get in some raspberry plants. These will also be planted in the "orchard".

We potted on a few struck cuttings this week including some Eremophila racemosa cuttings that have taken root.


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