Sams.JPG (59722 bytes)Week 3 June 2007:  No rain this week

During the week we were visited by a flock of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos. They usually put in an appearance every few weeks. We also sighted two Wedge-tailed Eagles riding the air currents above Yallaroo.

Planting and mulching continued this week in a number of our new gardens. We also built up rocks around some plants that are on a steep slope in one of our gardens. The rocks will hold mulch in position.

We have an unknown Isopogon or Petrophile in our gardens. This plant was grown from seed of plant material that was included in one of our daughter’s wedding bouquets a number of years ago. Its flowers are insignificant but every winter the foliage reacts to the cold and takes on a purplish colour (see image). This week we have had some very cold days that intensified the foliage colour.  

Near our gate there is a small (about three metres tall) Eucalyptus laevopinea. This week the tree burst into bloom. Usually this species blooms when plants are many metres tall.

During the week we met an acquaintance from Tamworth in Armidale. He gave us a number of strawberry plants (3 varieties), garlic and a number of other vegetable plants. We are very grateful for these horticultural gifts. They will add to the number of edible exotics that we cultivate.

Towards the end of April we bought some plants from a hardware store in Tamworth. Acacia drummondii and Acacia guinetii were included in our purchases. We took cutting from both species and this week we found that the cuttings had struck from each Wattle. We will now put in more cuttings of both these interesting Western Australian Acacias.

New on the Site: Acacia longifolia and Duboisia myoporoides 

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