Week 3 June 2006: No rain this week.
This week comes in two parts. The first half of the week was spent at home whilst the latter half was spent away.
The main home activity was cutting up a dead fallen tree for firewood. In days gone by a number of Eucalypts were killed and sometimes these trees fall down. Whilst standing they are used as lookouts by many birds. When they fall some are converted into firewood.
Eucalyptus bakeri has burst into bloom. This small Eucalypt has dark green, narrow leaves and white flowers.
Before going away we ordered some seeds from the Nindethana Seed Company. The order consisted of Acacias, Eucalypts and some Goodenias. Over the years we have bought many seeds from this reliable Western Australian company. Their on-line catalogue lists hundreds of native plant species.
We also found time to dig more planting holes around our new pond.
Mid-week we travelled to Mittagong in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. Our son lives in this beautiful part of Australia. We travelled on the new M7 Motorway that skirts western Sydney. This new road cuts out nearly 50 traffic lights. The Motorway certainly speeds up our trips to Mittagong and all points south. Petrol is also saved because we do not have to constantly stop and start at traffic lights.
We collected some Persimmon cuttings from the garden that our son manages. We are very partial to this fruit. If the cuttings strike we will be adding these edible exotics to our gardens.
During our southern visit we spent a day walking in Barren Grounds Nature Reserve. This beautiful area is home to a wide range of native plants and is well-known for bird watching.

Garden Diary