Week 3 June 2005: More rain = 32 mm. Our house tank has overflowed and we are transferring the surplus water to our irrigation tank.
We are constantly surprised by the ability of native plants to recover after dry periods. Even 10 to 20 millimetres of rain has a beneficial effect.
There was an interesting astrological phenomenon this week. The planet Jupiter was visible near the moon before sunset one afternoon.
We placed blood and bone around our new plants. Rabbits are damaging some of our new plants. They dig holes and chew plants off at ground level. Kangaroos are also eating leaves off our Correas. These eaten plants will recover.
We received an email from Peter, who lives near Newcastle , this week. He is growing hybrid Brachychitons, an interesting red-flowered Native Frangipani (Hymenosperum) and a splendid Goodenia from Queensland . His web site: www.hartleyhill.com.au
We receive many plant specimens through the mail. These are from listeners to our talk back garden programme on local ABC. This week we received an interesting specimen from a listener near Quirindi, a town in the Tamworth area. The plant was a climber known as Marsdenia australis, a Milk Vine. This is a widespread species but not locally common. The plant has milky, irritating sap and a fruit that resembles a juvenile pear.

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