Dwarf-ericifolia.JPG (35001 bytes)Week 3 June 2004: No rain this week.

Spent the week visiting. Firstly we stayed with our eldest daughter and family on the Central Coast, north of Sydney. We visited Bouddi National Park. This is a beautiful reserve on the coast near Gosford. Strolled along an interesting walk that follows the coastline. There were many Banksia ericifolia and Banksia integrifolia in full flower. Some flowers were dripping with nectar. We came upon a dwarf Banksia ericifolia growing on an exposed headland. Although only about one metre high the plant was covered with flower spikes (see image). We also sighted some whales well off shore.

On a visit to a Central Coast nursery we bought a Kangaroo Paw that had passed its use by date. It was a large plant and only cost $5. We have split the plant into three.

Our daughter and family have a small ornamental pond in their backyard. They have planted a large number of native shrubs around the pond. The pond plus plants has attracted many small native birds to their backyard. We counted at least five Eastern Spinebills, a number of Yellow-faced Honeyeaters, a Grey Fantail and a Willie Wagtail cavorting in the undergrowth. Before the garden was established no small birds visited their backyard.

From the Central coast we travelled to western Sydney and spent a few days with our other daughter and family. On one of our walks, around the area, we came across a large Banksia serrata growing at the entrance to a railway station. The plant was very healthy, about four metres tall, covered in flower spikes and was growing without any care and attention in very poor soil.

Garden Diary