Week 3 June 2003: Rainfall 27mm this week.
Travelled to Dungowan, a village near Tamworth, south of Yallaroo. We talked to the local garden club. There was a good roll-up with plenty of interest in native plants. Many garden club members are interested in visiting Yallaroo.
From the Garden Club we travelled to Gosford, north of Sydney, to stay with our eldest daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter and grandson. We stayed for the rest of the week and visited a local native nursery. Bought a few plants, including two Eutaxia species. They are members of the pea family. It is pleasing to see native peas appearing in nurseries. They are a large group with plenty of horticultural potential. We also bought a Correa pulchella with beautiful salmon coloured flowers. We have been chasing this particular form for some time.
We also found time to do some bush walking in a local Crown Reserve. This is an area of bushland surrounding two dams that were built to provide water for steam locomotives. The dams were probably built in the early 1900ís. There are plenty of interesting native plants protected in the Reserve. From our point of view the most exciting plant was Grevillea speciosa. There were a number of plants carrying bright red terminal flowers. We also came across some Chloanthes parviflora plants. This unusual plant has tubular, pale mauve flowers similar in shape to Eremophila blooms. In moist, sheltered situations Epacris longiflora was growing. This is another species with tubular flowers. In this case the flowers are an eye-catching scarlet tipped with white.
New This week: In our Plants section: Acacia fimbriata. In Wildlife: Black Ducks and Brush Turkeys.

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