Week 3 July 2017: Rain = 20 millimetres. Good rain spread over two days.

This week we finished splitting our tonne of firewood with our log splitter. We now have a very satisfactory stack of firewood. It will be interesting to see how long the firewood lasts. Hopefully there will be some left over at the end of winter. We only light the heater at night.

A good garden talkback radio programme, on the ABC, this Saturday. We had six calls.

We planted 24 tubes in our newest garden.

We put some protective chicken wire around our ALDI garden beds beside our deck. This is to protect our silver beet and parsley from maundering macropods.

This week struck cuttings of Hemiandra pungens were potted on.

Our Hakea orthorrhyncha plants are in full flower. We have two specimens. They take about seven years before they flower. This was the first time the youngest plant has flowered.

This week we ordered a dwarf mulberry tree from the Daley’s Fruit Nursery in Kyogle, northern NSW. We will grow the mulberry in a container in our vegetable area. Once it fruits we will cover the plant with netting to protect the fruit from birds.

We have been writing articles for the web site of the NSW region of the Australian Plant Society. The web site is being completely renewed. We look forward to providing more articles for the new site. The old site has nearly 200 of our articles. Each one is accompanied by one of our photos.

Wildlife observations: Last week we saw a Brown Antechinus (Antechinus stuartii) running across our deck. One lunch time we saw the Antechinus running across the deck again. A Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater was seen and heard in an Acacia implexa near our deck. This particular wattle is visited by many different birds.


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