Week 3 July 2016: Rain = 13 millimetres this was a good fall of rain. This fall filled our house tank.

One morning we cut up the remainder of a tree that we first cut up last winter. This tree fell down some time ago. The previous owners, of Yallaroo, used to ringbark the occasional tree. The reason for this escapes us. But every so often one falls down. They make good firewood. Whilst standing the dead trees are used by many birds as lookout platforms. On our shopping day we took the chainsaw in to be sharpened. The mower and chainsaw shop does a better sharpening job than we do and it only costs $15.

This Saturday we did our second talkback gardening programme in a row. Usually we do one very three weeks but one of the other presenters is sick so we were filling in.

This week we continued moving sheets of corrugated iron to the vegetable garden area. The sheets are laid down to kill the grass and weeds so we will have bare ground when we come to erect the electric fence to stop vegetable-eating macropods.

This week we potted on Crowea exalata, Grevillea shiressii and Thryptomene calycina cuttings as well as Acacia lineata and A. ligulata seedlings.

The weather was rather changeable this week. Some days were very cold whilst others were rather warm. So warm that some nights we did not light the fire.

Wildlife observation: This week the Bronzewing Pigeon was sighted again near our front verandah. This large pigeon is becoming a regular visitor.


Garden Diary