Week 3 July 2014: Rain = 9.5 millimetres

One day was extremely cold and there were flurries of snow with nothing settling.

After our long period away, gardening commenced again. We prepared and put in cuttings and also potted on a number of purchased plants into 14 centimetre spots. We planted seedling beetroot, turnip and spinach in one of our vegetable beds. Radishes were harvested. We sowed seeds of four varieties some weeks ago.

Seedlings of Acacia polybotrya and Hakea macrorrhyncha were potted on as were cuttings of Myoporum acuminata, Prostanthera serpyllifolia and Westringia Glabra Cadabra.

We dug holes in our Northern Garden and 12 plants found a home in this expanding garden. We also mulched the new plants in this garden.

A Striated Pardalote was calling and perching in the vines growing on our patio supports. These delightful small birds return every year and use the nest tube under our patio roof.

Good news on the radio front. The ABC has started the local gardening programme again after a break of some months. We will be on the air once every three weeks from 8.30am on Saturday.


Garden Diary