Week 3 July 2013: Rain = 26.5 millimetres Very welcome rainfall that replenished our depleted tank after our solar tank leak in late June.

This week we collected rocks and placed them around the perimeter of our big pond. This will restrict weed growth and we will plant Brachyscomes and Scaevolas amongst the rocks. The ride-on mower with a small trailer attached is ideal for tasks like this.

Another 24 plants went into our new garden north of the house. This makes 100 plants that have been planted in this garden so far.

We also pruned a couple of fruit trees this week. A Stella Cherry and plum both received haircuts.

Potting on continued this week. Rooted cuttings of Correa reflexa (a form with large red flowers), Prostanthera Ragged Robin, Grevillea aquifolium, Calothamnus rupestris, Grevillea pinaster, Grevillea jephcottii and Prostanthera aspalathoides (the red-flowered form) were all placed in tubes. We are very happy with using commercial seed/cutting raising mix in our propagator. Cuttings produce large numbers of healthy roots rapidly.

Towards the end of the week new carpet was laid in the back room. This replaced the water damaged carpet. We are now able to replace the desk, filing cabinet and book shelves that normally live in this room. At the same time we will be able to dispose of things that we no longer need.


Garden Diary