Week 3 July 2012: Rain = 3.5 millimetres.

Early this week we walked down to our big dam. After the heavy rain last week the dam has overflowed. It is also pleasing to see our dam overflowing.

Just west of the house there is a Eucalyptus laevopinea and this week the tree is in full flower. There seemed to be plenty of bird activity in the tree. We identified eight different birds in this Stringybark. They were: Rainbow Lorikeets, Crimson Rosellas, Wattlebirds, Eastern Spinebills, White-plumed Honeyeaters, White-naped Honeyeaters, White-eared Honeyeaters and Yellow-faced Honeyeaters.

No horticultural activities this week as mid week we packed the car and headed south to visit our children. Our first stop was Gosford, north of Sydney. One of our daughters and her family has bought a house and we spent a few days helping clean etc.

There was a Satin Bowerbird’s bower in the garden that was surrounded by a variety of blue plastic objects. We wonder what male Bowerbirds used for decoration before European settlement and the proliferation of plastic junk.


Garden Diary